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8 Articles Discussing Visual and Visualisation Literacy

by Andrew Kirk • July, 7th 2014


In many ways we are in a golden age of experimentation and discovery in data visualisation. The popular coverage of data visualisation on the web tends to reflect this, generally concentrating on new projects, new techniques and tools. This is entirely understandable. Greater degrees of discourse about some of the key nuances of visualisation designcontinue reading »

Keynote at the Digital Methods Initiative (DMI) Summer School, University of Amsterdam, 23rd June 2014

by Helen Kennedy • June, 28th 2014

Digital Methods Initiative. Amsterdam

I recently gave a keynote speech and set a project brief about the Seeing Data project at the Digital Methods Initiative (DMI) Summer School in Amsterdam. The DMI has been ‘re-working method for Internet research’ since 2007, but its foundations stretch back beyond that, to the publication in 2000 of the collection of essays Preferredcontinue reading »

Doing ‘The Best’ with Visualisation

by William Allen • June, 20th 2014

In the social sciences, data can come in many different forms. Census data, interview transcripts, survey results, statistical outputs–these are just some examples of data that social scientists regularly generate, collect, and analyse for a wide range of questions about society. Visualising results, or depicting findings via visual means such as charts and tables, hascontinue reading »

How Social Semiotics Can Help Us Understand Big Data Visualisations

by Rosemary Lucy Hill • June, 19th 2014

How Social Semiotics Can Help Us Understand Big Data Visualisations

Blood drips thickly from a timeline, spilling down the page under the heading ‘Iraq’s Bloody Toll’. This powerful visualisation was published in the South China Morning Post, providing a visceral and emotive comment on civilian deaths in the war in Iraq. Before we read any of the text or figures on the page we know exactlycontinue reading »