Seeing Data Blog

Webinar about our research findings

by Helen Kennedy • June, 24th 2015

What: webinar about Seeing Data research findings
When: 1st July 2015, 3pm BST
Where: online via Adobe Connect
Who: academics and visualisers interested in data and visualisation
To participate: email

On 1st July 2015 at 3pm BST we will be holding a webinar to disseminate and discuss what we have found out on the project:
1. what we found when we spoke to top visualisers about their visualisation practices;
2. what people who see visualisations in the media said about how they engage with the visualisations;
3. our semiotic analysis of visualisation as a form;
4. other things like emotional responses to visualisations, data and objectivity, and defining effectiveness.

We’ll be joined by visualisers from award winning agency Clever Franke, visualisation specialist Enrico Bertini, other visualisers and academics who are interested in the project, as well as the full Seeing Data team of Helen Kennedy, Rosemary Lucy Hill, Will Allen and world-renowned visualiser and educator Andy Kirk.

If you would like to take part please email Rosemary: