Project topics: overview

Studentship topic 1:

Developing Visualisation Literacy

This project aims to develop understanding of the skills needed for visualisation literacy by evaluating approaches to developing such literacy and producing and disseminating visualisation literacy resources suitable for a range of audiences.

  • Student: Lulu Pinney
  • Principal Supervisor: Helen Kennedy, Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield
  • Co-Supervisor: Alex Hall, Department of Politics, University of York
  • Partner: Visualising Data

Studentship topic 2:

Engaging Diverse Users in Visualisation Production and Evaluation

This project aims to explore the extent to which diverse users can be engaged in visualisation production and evaluation processes and whether this contributes to visualisations’ capacity to enhance users’ understanding of data.

  • Student: Jill Sampson
  • Principal Supervisor: David Beer, Department of Sociology, University of York
  • Co-Supervisor: Rosemary Lucy Hill, Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds
  • Partner: Clever-Franke

Studentship topic 3:

Measuring Visualisation Engagement

This project focuses on capturing and understanding users’ engagement with data visualisations, through the iterative design of a mechanism to enable users to rate online visualisations.